Rubber Shock Absorber-Type E


Silent blocks – rubber anti-vibration elements or deformation shock absorbers consist of a block of material with high internal absorption e.g. rubber.

Anti-Vibration type E are in the shape of a cylinder with an internal thread on one side and rubber cover on the other.


These wedges have an important role in their flexible ability to absorb and dampen motor vibrations resulting from the mechanical work of machines.

Product attributes:

1-Made of natural rubber 100%.
2. High quality, strength and durability resistant to weather causing corrosion.
3-We have the following sizes:

Q100x70 Q55x35
Q100x60 Q55x20
Q100x50 Q50x50
Q100x40 Q50x40
Q77x60 Q50x30
Q77x50 Q45x65
Q77x40 Q40x65
Q77x35 Q40x40
Q77x30 Q40x30
Q72x50 Q40x25
Q72x40 Q40x20
Q72x30 Q30x25
Q72x25 Q30x20
Q60x50 Q20x30
Q60x40 Q22x20


4-Hardness ranging sha- 55-70.

5-Sold at competitive prices.

Our customers can send the technical drawings and pictures to be manufactured
according to your requests or we can send the drawings and catalogs available to us
to be informed of them.

Choose the product type and quantity
we will send it the way you choose

It is an integrated company in the design, manufacture of molds and
production of all kinds of natural rubber, industrial anti-petroleum materials,
acids, alkali, anti-friction polyurethane, silicon anti-high temperature
,mechanical and metal parts needed for more than 41 years.



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