Curly Mat

Curly Mat, Mats

Mat made of pvc with different sizes.
Used as a mat inside apartments, drawers, government institutions, subway, gardens, bathrooms, sidewalks, hotels, restaurants and sports venues.

Product attributes:
1-we manufacture these PVC sheets using latest technology and advanced techniques
by the best chemical experts and engineers..
2-High quality durability and strength in use.
3-Equipped with anti-slip surface-odorless and safe for exercise
4-PVC is not UV stabilized.
5-Strong resistance to weather factors that cause corrosion and wear.
6-Available in different sizes and thicknesses.
7-available with multiple colors.
8-Sold at competitive prices.

Our customers can send the technical drawings and pictures to be manufactured
according to your requests or we can send the drawings and catalogs available to us
to be informed of them.

We will work to your engineering drawings or be happy to liaise on a joint solution. Please ask for a quotation on any or all of the services available if required.

Choose the product type and quantity
we will send it the way you choose

It is an integrated company in the design, manufacture of molds and
production of all kinds of natural rubber, industrial anti-petroleum materials,
acids, alkali, anti-friction polyurethane, silicon anti-high temperature
,mechanical and metal parts needed for more than 41 years.


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