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Rubber Meters Hoses

Hoses are made of natural rubber,EPDM or NBR in addition to reinforced cloth that gives it strength

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Low Pressure Water Hoses

Hoses made of rubber or polyurethane are equipped with modern and sophisticated methods. These hose

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Kraft Hose

Kraft aluminum coated hoses can be operated between -40 ° C and + 130 ° C. Kraft hoses are mainly us

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Rubber Spiral Hoses

Natural rubber hose with reinforced cloth and steel wire. These hoses have a very high load capacit

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Cloth Braided Gasoline Hoses

Flexible hoses made of natural rubber and coated with reinforced cloth. Designed for dispensing gas

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Internally Braided Gasoline Hoses

Flexible hoses made of rubber and reinforced cloth. Designed for dispensing gasoline, kerosene, and

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Transparent Steel Wire Hose

Strong and durable hoses made of PVC and lined with steel wire. These hoses are used for many pur

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Transparent Automotive Hoses

Transparent hoses made of PVC. Available With following measurements: Q 4X8 mm Q 8X13 m

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Dust Suction Hose

hose is a flexible duct manufactured from PVC with a steel spiral reinforcing helix embedded between

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Black Elastic Hoses

It is a PVC hose. It has many uses. Product attributes: 1-we manufacture these hoses using late

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